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Can you post a link to the mount you use?
Have you called UPS?
+1 Thats what I suggested 2 days ago when he said he would be out of town when it was delivered and the weather was gonna be bad. Sometimes though UPS wont make any changes to the delivery details until theyve made 1 delivery attempt. But its worth a try.If its still in IL then it wont be delivered today anyway. If hes back home tomorrow maybe he can get lucky and be there when its delivered. But I wouldnt count on luck. Id be on the phone with UPS.
Thats a good idea but unless something has changed he said he would be out of town today and tomorrow.
Now youre just making stuff up.
Not at all the reason. Because you just basically told caloyzki that Brian will take care of his sub whether its functioning or not regardless of anything that happens. Not sure what you meant exactly but that sounds like he will replace or fix it at no cost no matter what so theres no need to worry. I think its unlikely thats his policy.
Trace, 3" is too far away from the wall for the 170s? Lots of people have wall mounted them.
I understand that at this point your options are limited. But if you want more detail than the website is providing and you may have to make other arrangements later anyway theres no time like the present to call UPS and talk to them. Let them know that you may not be home for 24 hours after delivery, the weather is bad, its a piece of fragile electronics and ask what can be done about it.
If I were you Id be on the phone with UPS getting info and making arrangements. If youre not going to be home until tomorrow and that sub sits outside in rain/sleet/snow for 24 hours I wouldnt count on Rhythmik replacing it at no cost or taking it back and giving you a full refund. Im not saying they wont but I sure wouldnt count on it. It would just be neglectful and a waste of a sub anyway.Find out whats going on like I suggested a couple of days ago and see if you can...
You and Brian might be buddies but Id be careful speaking for him in business matters.
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