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IMO, SR was a better traditional Superman film, but lacked his righteousness and optimism. It was just kind of depressing... A lot of the action scenes were well done. Making it less about the mythos and more about Supes Jr. seemed like an afterthought.MOS would have been better if it had either A) taken more time to be an origin story, or B) taken more time to be an established-Superman vs Zod story. Basically, it would have been better as two separate movies. Lois...
How can there be a quadrilogy with only three films?
Yuck. I don't understand what they are trying to correct or add? If the DP wants HDR effects, they would shoot it that way or do it in post. I hated it when they added HDR to videogames and I think I'm going to hate this just as much. Sorry for being a curmudgeon.
Skipping through the episodes on discs 1 and 2, it seems like the grain suppression knob (DNR) has been turned up a little more. It's not offensive, but it's more obvious. I hope to get some images up tonight.
I say we try it and find out.
I had 30 minutes to throw the pilot up on the big screen tonight. I can't believe this is the same show I grew up watching. The detail is IN-SANE in most scenes with very natural grain. In my limited viewing, I did encounter a couple scenes that were very, very grainy and then a couple that had very little grain, BUT if I hadn't seen scenes with more grain, I wouldn't have noticed any missing. I don't know how distracting it would be in actual viewing since I was...
Non-CRT display technologies generally all suffer from display latency. The fastest displays with all processing disabled can get down to around 16ms, but most are operate in the 50-90ms range. Add latency from any source processing (DVD upscaling) or AVR processing (video enhancements), and this number can climb higher. AVRs often have an audio delay feature in order to get the audio to come out of the speakers at the same time the action appears on screen. If you use...
Where do I sign up!!?? I'm still on my first bulb on my Epson 8350 and I assume that the Epson will continue to function long into its second bulb, but I have decided that the next display in the theater will be 4K (unless the Epson lives long enough to see 8K). That being said, a direct-view 105"+ 4K scope display would be a satisfying replacement. At 105" I'd lose about 18" of vertical height compared to my current setup, but I think I could live with it.
The review posted above seems pretty positive. Unfortunately, the credit card I used to preorder it was canceled as part of the Target data breach. Amazon didn't tell me until today, so my order has been delayed.
In fact, here's a 100+ slide presentation by Intel, AMD, and NVIDIA talking about using the same tricks to improve OpenGL: http://blogs.nvidia.com/blog/2014/03/20/opengl-gdc2014/
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