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ha ha ha, I was about to say the same. This is going to be immense.
Hey great show/podcast. Totally agree with Fox and the cancellations. I'm so weary to start a tv show now, if i dont think it will continue with some later seasons. Firefly, happy town, sarah connor chronicles, all shows Fox pulled the plug on. Still not over that!
Ha ha, sweet. There was a sonic and knuckles remake video like this a while back too. Think it was the first zone, mushroom hill? that looked cool as well.
With all the piracy problems going on over the last decade, i think not shooting in 3d was probably a wise decision on his behalf. I'm not bothered whether i see it in 3d or not, but i guess others would love to. dont see why not to shoot in both and then let the viewer decide
Ha ha ha, This is why my uncle had his own 'man-room' (as he liked to call it) It lasted a good few years before his wife turned it into a guest bedroom. Now he can't have nice things....
If anything, Surge protection is a must. Don't disregard that! I've made it habit to never hook up any equipment without it being surge protected. Had way too many hiccups in the past-its made me paranoid.
Nice review! I bought this as soon as it dropped. I mean the way every scene was shot was enough to pick it up anyway, but seeing those slow-motion shots in full high def, crystal sharp made a ton of difference to my enjoyment factor.
Yeah, it makes a ton of difference huh? Especially if you're an office worker, and have music on in the background. I definitely can't cope with music loud all day long, just to keep the clarity. Always wanted to try out some Q1's. I might visit my local hifi shop later next week and have a look around. Been fancying a new kit for a while now. Always takes me forever to decide, and the minute I get my eye on something, something better comes out.
Currently using 2 iQ9-silvers at the moment. Couldn't be happier with them. Its so great to be able to turn them up loud, or really quiet and still not have much sound quality loss. I thought about changing at some point, but at the moment these suit my needs. Perhaps, I'll need a different set when I buy a new amp. (Hi by the way, new to this forum-this is my first post)
New Posts  All Forums: