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That sounds almost exactly like what I want. Can I get a link?Also, I'd like it to send WMC directly to live TV, is that possible? If not though, that's obviously alright.
I'm aware of that... is there no way to do it in reverse?
Basically the title. I'm setting up an HTPC for the family, and WMC does not meet our needs for a number of things. However, XBMC is missing the most crucial part-- live, TV. And while there are solutions working with basic TV, I'm unaware of any backends or plugins supporting CableCARD-protected content. Essentially I was wondering if there was an add-on that allowed you to use WMC as a backend for live TV. Is there any way for me to boot up into XBMC, and then as I tab...
Still not what I was saying. Basically, somebody posted his system specs, and I explained what virtual cores are, because another person was confused. I'm not trying to explain any problems, other than to clear up confusion about what a virtual core is; it's not really relevant to this discussion.
Nonono, it's in a normal install, and the CPU has 4 cores, which are hyperthreaded, meaning the OS (and even the BIOS or EFI) sees it as an 8-core CPU.At least, I hope that's what he means
My only speakers are the ones integrated into my monitor (ASUS VH236H), which are godawful. Essentially, I never use them, except while company is over, in which case I'm not listening to music or playing games seriously. When I'm by myself, I use a pair of Creative Aurvana Live!s. I would recommend those headphones for anyone looking for a general-purpose ~$100 pair of headphones.
According to Tom's Hardware, the Media Center Pack not only adds WMC and DVD playback, it adds BluRay. This is an absolutely massive improvement. With Windows 7, it cost $100 for the OS, plus ~$50-$100 for BluRay playback, which even still was a somewhat clunky solution with WMC. With Windows 8, it costs $140 for Win8Pro, plus $10 for the Media Center Pack (though during the "introductory period", the pack will be free), which has BluRay baked in. If you're upgrading from...
Integration, mostly. Also maybe price.
Has anybody tested hooking up an external DVD/BluRay drive to the USB port and sticking in a disk? I assume DVDs would work fine and BluRays wouldn't, but maybe I'm wrong. Regardless, I haven't seen either tested.
But still well more expensive than a 7" Android tablet, which are probably better for home automation stuff due to their software customization options.
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