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It must kill the people who spent 8-9k a year ago
Being an owner of the 80 inch for almost a year, I would consider buying a 90 this next time BUT, I paid a bit over $3200 for the 80 so unless this 90 comes in under $5000, I would never consider one.
$3400 for display is way too much..I paid $3219 brand new in the box almost a year ago at Sears.....I would expect $2400 for display or not ever buy one...
Ok so my 11 feet is perfect then.It sounds like at your distance, you are not getting the 1080 effect which is something I definitely do not want to lose.
I have it on the wall with the bottom about 4 feet up which puts the top of the set about 8 feet up.
I should try that.I have it at about 11 feet and I know what my viewing experience is at that distance but the room is 24 ft long so I can go any distance.
What is the distance from display to people's heads?
Which model??
At these prices, I would buy a Samsung 65 and I do own a Sharp 80 in my Home Theater that I paid $3219 for...
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