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the dea stils but theres noting out there or maybe modding the nvidia sorround system also that cold be rat forr some dualview or simulview on a gaming pc
hope this will elp yo also you cand built one that can fit those 4 glasses that ou have i heva 2 vs 3d and 5 pairs and tis will work for me wood will be fine but painted:D
I am looking for a device were I connect two HDMI make an effect that I can see each HDMI with each glasses
An can use an arduino box that sends the commands
i already hack my 3d shutter glassses to one pair left and the other one right. it work great on games side by side but i want to go to another level. i got a bluetooth transmiter that i can conect an av stereo cable to it and sent it to my bluetooth headphones. that will work if i conect my ps3 to the transmiter and use one of the glasses to watch it while my cable box connected to the other glasses and sound by speakers. i want to know if there is any device that can...
I solve the Sony glasses a/b problem on Samsung I go to best buy and use the HDMI detective and copy the code and also with my Sony tablet s I add to my remote controller the it command for the simulview so when I pressed the button on my Sony tablet it will make the it commands that do the ps3d TV .then I block the Samsung ir and turn on my glasses by the Sony tablet and put my TV on 3d and the glasses will work a/b on the Samsung thinking that is connected to the ps3d TV
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