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my avr wont comunicate with my tv through arc. has anyone found a way around this yet? thanks derek
totally off topic but... GO SENS GO!
is an amazing deal in Canada, if I bought from amazon it would cost over $400 with shipping and customs. 317 $ +$14 shipping sounded good to me. Canada eh
yes, its a great deal for the current going rate, cheap shipping and no customs.
Welp! just pulled the trigger on a new darbee, i found a canadian supplier that for some great reason has it for $2 lower than amazon US.
Sweet dealio... You rock!
It wouldnt fix the clouding but it would help to lower it in lower light conditions
what is your backlight set at? looks high
that is definitely clouding. are you using update 1046.2? and are you still on factory settings?
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