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Sure thing...Although I'm lacking some serious audiophile vocab
There was a prototype on the site - all I know
Thanks guys. It looks like my TV supports HDMI 1.3b.
AVS - Ever since I upgraded my receiver to a Denon 2312ci I've had major HDMI instability (flashing). The TV in question is a Sony KDL52V5100 with the latest firmware. I've done all of the basics which include tinkering with every setting, upgrading all firmware, using HDMI switches, returning the receiver, and buying new HDMI cables, etc. Nothing worked. Denon claims that my TV is the problem but can't offer a technical reason why. The only evidence we have that...
Enjoyed this one!
Noticed a wood baffle prototype added the gallery @ http://soundfieldaudio.net/Gallery.html (right click/view image to see the large version)
I heard the Dome Version. I'm not saying they sound edgy, but a tad crisp. Perhaps it's the typical Dome sound that I'm acustomed to. Either way they just seemed to do better with modern music/movies. Just my .02, which isnt worth much
out of budget.
Much appreciated
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