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Hahaha.... I'm suffering from it man.
I can hear 16k according to the website posted on this page. Guess I'm one of the luck ones. I'm 32 now, but have been exposed to high SPL since a baby. My father was a DJ so we had loud music going in our home. 4 15" subs blasting on a daily basis and countless exposure to clubs/venues also
I recommend reading up on what Large does and when it's recommended. The Audyssey guide should be useful in measuring w/ YPAO. The concepts are the same.YPAO will detect the capabilities of your speakers and adjust the settings accordingly. I believe it uses Adaptive DRC rather than Dynamic Volume. Once again, the concept is the same . Look into that also for movies.
Still quite a few things off here...Few questions: -When you ran Audyssey, did you follow every step of the guide? You should run Audyssey after every physical adjustment of the speakers. -With Audyssey engaged, what Dynamic Volume setting were you using? -What model Receiver or version of Audyssey are you running ? In my experience - Movies can benefit from Audyssey if setup properly. It helps roll off harsh treble, tune the system to your room, improve vocal...
Sub Option: http://www.epiksubwoofers.com/empire.html
Your coming form a low quality "HTIB" setup and might be accustomed to that level of sound quality. Give it a few days! What comes to mind immediately after reading your post: -Get 26ish" speaker stands http://www.amazon.com/Lovan-Affiniti-Speaker-Stands-Piano/dp/B000OFAQVY -Toe the speakers in a bit & move them forward a few inches -Make sure you follow the Audyssey guide and each step properly. Buy a boom mic stand if...
Hi AVS. Some of you have asked for my impressions of the SAM1. I didn't want to do so without posting full context of my room and the overall experience. Here we go... BACKGROUND When I began my speaker hunt 6 months ago, I originally wanted to fill a large room (becuase I will move in the next year). My budget for a LCR was around $6000 and I spoke to almost every major ID brand. While measuring my room, I learned that my previous setup had a significant peaks
I've heard them both recently. In my humble opinion - I thought the Song Towers were better at soft(er) music and the Ascend Tower was well rounded and good at both HT and Music (especially genreā€™s with percussion). The Ascends had a bit more edge and hit harder. Ascend has a pretty capable center channel called the Horizon which in my opinion is far better than the small Song-Center. For the center channel alone I would choose the Towers.
Can we stop whining about movie theater volume levels and get back on topic? Does anyone know if Dynamic Volume still applied to the L/R speakers if "Audyssey Bypass L/R" setting is used?
You didn't lose hearing for an hour... your brain just re-adjusted and adapted to the levels that its used to.
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