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Movie was overall good the 3d just wasn't there. I've never been so unimpressed with 3d in the theater, or at home for that matter. Anyone else see it, maybe I was in a bad theater. No depth, no pop out.
http://www.deadline.com/2012/12/disney-cox-retransmission-tv-carriage-deal/ Wow only been waiting years for it. Hopefully its not a bogus report.
I think i saw it you need a LG smart tv then get 3d world app should be on that. Its a free app.
Got Black Ops 2 for 360 today. Happen to like the 3d effect no eyestrain. Playin on an LG55 passive. I am no expert in 3d though.
Watching what says on guide is Olympic coverage. Instead it's a maroon 5 concert in 3d. Never seen them play anything else on this channel. Maybe they'll use this channel now
Been reading this site for a while probaly the only new input I could have. This has been a big reason I have been watching the site. Thanks for all your work. http://ww2.cox.com/myconnection/hamptonroads/watch/sports/nbc-olympics.cox?campcode=mcp_showcase_olympics_image_51812
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