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Emotiva has an inexpensive ($99) piece for just your problem (DC offset on the AC power line), the CMX-2. It has cured your problem for others who have tried it for the same reason. It's listed on Emotiva's website, under accessories.
Planars get a bad rap for their rear output messing with the direct-to-our-ears output, but as long as their rear output is dealt with, they can cause fewer acoustical problems that direct radiators. They can be placed closer to side walls than can direct radiators without worry of reflections off of them (because of planar's figure-8 radiation pattern), and less floor and ceiling bounce. Carpet, of course, helps with floor bounce, but how many of us can attach acoustical...
Interesting prospect. One thing that set-up would do is relieve the Usher woofers of having to reproduce 80-200Hz, thereby allowing them to play louder or cleaner. And that same 80-200Hz would have the cleanness provided by the Servo woofers. The only downside would be more another filter in the signal path, but the benefit might very well outweigh the cost.
What's the smoothing?
When Brian announced the 8" model he said it's intended application was as a woofer in a multi-driver speaker, not as a stand-alone sub.
rick240---Go to the Rythmik website; On the Homepage, click on "Products"; Once there, click on "Custom Installations"; On that page, click on "12" GR Custom Installs"; Read all about Open Baffle by Brian, our Rythmik designer; when you're done, click on "Drivers" from the horizontal list at the top of the page; Then click on "GR Drivers"; After you've read about the GR Drivers, you're ready for GR Research itself. Go to the GR Research website (Danny Richie, the R of GR,...
The problem is M10 is metric, and castors are usually 1/4-20.
Aicarumba! Living in S.CA. there is always the next earthquake in the back of one's mind.
I'm doing it as much as anything so that my dogs don't knock them over!
There's an LV-12R in the clearance room right now. 50 bucks off, I think it was.
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