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As far as we know, Twonky app seems to work pretty well...
Both your questions are possible...You can download Apple remote from the app store and this will allow you to control multiple speakers with separate volume control from your touch, iPad or iphone. You can also do this right from itunes from you MAC or PC :-)
Retail for the Live is $699 or $799 based on the color. The Lounge is $1299 or $1399.
Yes, it works only with Airplay for wireless but it also has an AUX input.
Thanks for the input...It's actually more like a triangle shape with rounded edges. It looks and sound amazing!
We are always looking to expand the line in the near future. Battery powered could be a possibility in the near future. The speaker comes with one standard power cord. You can always purchase standard power cords for this application.
What we mean by iDevice is, iTouch, iPad, iPhone. :-)
Our speakers stream your iTunes music completely wirelessly :-). We achieve this by using Airplay technology in our speakers. All you need is to plug them into a power outlet.
Libratone Live and Lounge play like acoustic instruments, dispersing sound waves in multiple directions, reflecting them off the walls. This eliminates the sweet spot and gives you a 360° sound experience. To get a bit more technical, inside the cabinets there are five units each driven by dedicated audiophile amplifiers and each dedicated to spreading sound in a specific direction. This setup means that the system both spreads the sound and encapsulates you in it. The...
Currently there are no plans for a moisture resistant product. Maybe in the near future :-)
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