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I turned the Motion Plus down to "Clear" or off and that helped. Was only happening on some channels for me, but that cleared it up.
I have mine hard-wired into the router and the update went LIGHTNING fast. Much faster than waiting for the download to hit USB and plugging in. Way nicer!Differences? Beats me so far, but I love the support for this TV.
Thank you for the info. I guess that means I will do Bluray through the receiver via HDMI and Apple TV and DirecTV through optical (Since both do not duplicate more than standard 5.1). Edit...I may just have to get a new receiver.
Installed 1025 last night just in time to watch Falcons/Ravens. Bought a new 3-D Bluray player. Still have some tweaking to do, but my 60D7000 has been great so far. Quick question for the pros here: My receiver only has 3 HDMI inputs and is not technically 3-D rated (Yamaha V-861). I have no problem just connecting my Bluray and another device through the TV itself, but my question is this: If I run Optical from the TV to my receiver, will it reproduce DTS, 5.1, etc?...
Well, it IS a display model. I forgot to add that it is the 60". I know the risks involved with buying a floor model. My 4695 was a display as well, but when I am buying a TV, I am doing it with an understanding that I pretty much just need 4 years out of it. This one was in the warehouse for the past 2 months. I'll most likely add a 2-year warranty to it. After 2 years, I'll feel like the set was a wash if anything goes awry and just get a new one.Geez, I guess I have...
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