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Why wouldn't I be able to get into the service menu with the LG remote? This thread is miles long btw..... I've tried "search"...choosing the wrong words I guess
Thanks....I have a Harmony 650 I think it is.....I think the LG should be able to find it easier than a Harmony though ....but how do I get into the service menu? I watched Netflix last night....surround was operating. Maybe some Cinemanow releases don't have surround.....but I've watched a number of movies on there that do.
I do have isf 1 and 2. I always use my own settings on 2. How is it set to need a code...this is news to me. On an unrelated note: For everyday viewing/listening I use HDMI out of cable box into Denon receiver out to TV....nice sound. For viewing Netflix and Cinemanow I run optical from TV to Denon. Up until recently I got surround sound....last night I watched "Parker".....I only got sound via center channel and sub. Any suggestions?
I don't have the day/night settings available....why would that be?
Ha....well just another word the US chooses to spell wrongSo no real need to initialise premium then? I already use netflix and cinemanow
We haven't got v5.0 here in CA yet........still v4.34.01 edit:...ok, so just after posting I went in to check for update and it says v5.0 available. I have it set to automatic...why didn't it download it before?? 20 minutes to go. While I 'm waiting....."initialise premium". What does this give you? I'm concerned I may ef something up if I initialise.
Exchange it......took me two times, third is good.If the second is crap....maybe buy the plasma and compare the two...take the worst back
My 47LM7600 was built Oct-2012 .......... returned due to flash lighting ( edge bleed )The replacement 55LM7600 was built in April 2012 ......... returned due to same flash lighting ( different spots though )The replacement 55LM7600 was built in Nov 2012.......... same month as yours. Much less flash lighting. Once I played with the settings, I've all but gotten ride of the distracting lighting. Local dimming is set to LOW
go for the 8600
The regular LG remote will work......but if you're running the audio through a separate receiver ( non LG ), you still need another remote
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