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CM9s FTW. (these are mine, upgraded from some polk monitor 70s.) Powering them with a Rotel RB-1070.
I saw that thing, looks great. One of my reps was telling me that if you play playstation 3 with two players and you put the 3d glasses on you can both use the whole screen and the other player wont see what you see. ( so no more split screen)
Anyone go to Cedia last week? I stopped by the Marriott to see Polk on Friday and they weren't there, did they only stay for one day? All I want to do is look and listen to the A9s for myself. (they are way overpriced and the drivers could be better but I just like polk, dont know why)
I work at a A/V & integration company. (I am a Crestron and Savant programmer + i have setup a number of cheaper control systems before) I saw Roomie on my Facebook and clicked on it. I watched a few you-tube videos and read a few reviews. next day we ordered one of each of their modular IR,Relay,Serial, & Xantech converter. I have had it set up for two days to the following items Samsung tv Roku XD Marantz SSP Apple TV Sonos Pioneer Elite BD player MacBook...
How about a speaker tossing contest? So for example people from Sweden would have to toss a Genelec and someone from Britain would have to toss a B&W.... Some American dude tossing a Polk... Be awesome!
Old news that could help the OP...old news that has been tested time and time again with positive results...
How can you tell me that bi-amping doesn't help? If the amp is under powering the speakers then yes bi-amping will help.you will have one channel powering the lows at lets say 100w and a 2nd channel powering the highs at 100w Vs. 100w between the entire speaker.Are you thinking about bi-wiring? Because that doesn't make a difference.This synergy isn't a myth, anyone who has installed hundreds of systems will tell you some speakers sound better with different amps.+dont be...
They dont work on commission.
try google-ing a place in your area that you can demo HIFI speakers at. I live on Long Island so its not hard to find a place to demo speakers at. but if you cant find a place with a nice showroom or even a bestbuy with a magnolia I think no matter what you get at that price point you will love.
If you can return the AMP I would buy a Rotel AMP. B&W & Rotel have a close relationship with each other. Their speakers should be powered by Rotel AMPS if you want to get the best sound from them. If you cant return the AMP i would try doing a Bi-Amp. I took home a pair of B&W CM5s and i wast impressed with the sound i was getting form them (using a class D rotel RMB-1076) So I Bi-Amped the speakers they knocked me on my butt. And im not kidding. I connected them turned...
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