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thanks alot, that clear alot of my questions.
the whole plan is, make a small hole behind TV. TV power will hook up to wall outlet. then TV wifi will connect to network. all the source will be by the computer via wifi/ethernet cable. I just dont know if the TV can receive Blu-ray signal thru the network. Or do i need some kind of switch box? Basicly i dont want any wires connect to TV. Just the TV power going to outlet. Everything else will go thru Network. I am not sure if the Network can take data from blu-ray...
I would like to hang my tv on wall with no wires visible. No source or furniture around it. I would like to know if i can hook up all my source(blu-ray,ps3,xbox) and HDTV to a network. HDTV will use the network to play Blu-ray movies from the blu-ray player. Is that possible? if not, any easier solution to hook everything to my HDTV wirelessly?
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