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So if the amp is set at 8 ohms and I hook up 6 ohms speakers it will be working harder to produce the same sound out if 8 ohms speakers....,? And if I set the amp to 6 ohms then the volume will have to be. Turned up for the 8ohm speaker as the output is reduced?
How does that make them a love match?Who said anything about a test bench?
a Love match? Im thinking more power down the channel for the same sound, ill be better to switch the Amp to 6 ohms for the other speakers? Whats you take arnyk?
Hi, Just wanted to know if u have a HT System, the speakers nominal impedance us 8 ohm and the amp is 8 ohms Yamaha rx-v870 Paradigm monitor 9 v7 Monitor center Atom surrounds I wanted to add some old ns-55 as a separate zone. Has nominal impedance 6 ohms Would this jus mean the amp would crank more power down that channel due to less resistance? Thanks in advance
New Posts  All Forums: