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Speaking of PHAST ... anyone have an interest in : (6) 8-Channel Amps PLB-AMP8 (1) PLB-HUB (1) PLB-Stereo-Audio Switch
is the VX11 an awesome machine, or what ?! I am also an owner, with CineGlide lens and Multi-Mask Stewart screen
Screen-Innovations “Solar” 1.3 gain 52” x 123” (2.35:1) Screen Note.... this screen is less than 7 months old , and I will include the Black-Diamond material that snaps to the same frame !! $1,500 plus necessary shipping fees
I did not / have not changed my opinion. If anything I have become more concerned about the problems with the image , to the point that I will probaly contact manufacturer to see if I am overlooking some crucial settings or adjustment such as some special - secret noise-Control. Problems very visible and annoting both On Satellite TV and BluRay Could be a defective unit... hope to learn more soon . Anyone else set one ...
I would put it this way ... if you find video-artifacts , "Sparkly" and otherwise , to be as distracting as I do , you will probably never be satisfied with this projo. spend the extra Grand and get in to something like the new Runco LS-1 The KNOLL is bright and would fill a large screen , therefore it might be a perfect fit for someone with a multi-purpose room who would prefer sports / entertainment, over...
watched BluRay yesterday on 49 x 87 ( 100 diag) white 1.3 (probably Draper .... relatively inexpensive) screen this projector is impressive from a light-output standpoint. My guess is that they've done something along the lines of a clear color-wheel segment or multiple clear segments to achieve the brightness level There is a bothersome artifact on both BluRay and the HD cable sources. My friend, the homeowner , and...
probably should have gone with Shreadedpork .... the things we'll do for anonymity
Can anyone please tell me when i go into Classifieds and try to list an item for sale , it does not let me submit it. Instead I get the bold red words .... "You must enter a Valid Price " I have done that every which way imagineable !!
I am withholding further contributions / opinion until I get to run BRD on it this week. Sorry I just do not want to rely entirely on the local cable providers signal
just hung it from ceiling mount, in light controlled room. Not calibrated yet. fairly bright.... terrible artifacts of some sort. not sure if it is mirror "dither" or other blotchy artifacts that are potentially related to the cable signal .... although I have never seen these same artifacts on this same system / cable box ( with other projectors)
New Posts  All Forums: