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I'm trying but the Olympics has taken over our viewing pleasure as currently Canada and the USA are in the hockey gold metal round and at the end of two.Currently in the queue for rescreening "Getaway" and "Pacific Rim."After those two, in the on deck queue: OHF, AiL, Oblivion, The Hurt Locker, Flyboys and Star Trek ID.Five in the Amazon shopping cart: Elysium , Rush, Ender's Game, Excape Plan and WWZ.That's a lucky thirteen list of bass heavy movies ready to be screened...
I see the redirected bass from the speakers having no more of a signal strength that won't exceed 105dB as would be the case if not redirected and the same with the LFE channel who's signal is spec'd to 115dB. I don't know nothing about nothing. As to
I did before I responded and again before starting to compose this post. Even with bass managed bass + LPF for LFE @ 120Hz, my understanding, it's still not to exceed 105dB peaks for speakers and 115dB peaks for subwoofer content....What am I misunderstanding>...I'm not arguing, I don't understand. All our speakers are set to small. All crossovers are set to 80Hz. The LPF for the LFE channel is set to 120Hz and the LPF on both subs is set to 120Hz. Set up this way we...
In my opinion, only if overdriving the output and intentionally trying to exceed peak subwoofer output of 115dB and the speakers themselves, with peak headroom, are expected to top out at 105dB and no more. Above that and in my opinion, the viewer is exceeding what the producer and mixer laid down on the track.In my opinion, just saying, if someone wants to exceed these published THX standards, they're welcome to but in doing so, they're clearly outside the limits set by...
My understanding, the whole idea of the additional headroom is to reduce peak performance stress off the subwoofer amplifier. Another 6dB in output assures one of having minimal harmonic distortion at peak reference level play of 115dB. Adding a second sub goes along way in addressing this issue.
Just like your comments are off topic, I encourage folks to take their off topic conversation to PM so it won't be disruptive.
How much can a mod go through and clean thing up to your liking? Can you drop the mod a courtesy note with your concerns?
Thanks for the recommendation but I'd have to join Data-Bass and considering how the NSA is handling themselves and how everybody else is data-mining everybody who joins another website, I'm not keen on adding more data outlets for people to mine data on my existence in the Universe.
The AVR we're using has XT32/SubEQ HT which allows us to independently supply signal, measure and EQ two separately placed subwoofers. ... To achieve this end, we had to box and put our old Marantz SR5007/Anti-Mode 8033S II onto a garage shelf and purchase an upgraded AVR: Denon AVR4520CI which comes equipped with XT32/SubEQ HT a great DAC section for unpacking LPCM and a very capable amplifier section that precludes the need for outboard amplifiers.
Probably the debugging program didn't know how to deal with cats in a port. Bugs? Yes. Cats? No. Must have thrown off it's whole bug frame of reference thingy....Yup!...
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