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You are going to make my decision even harder!I have been going back and forth between 2.35 and 16:9. I had finally made my decision based on the fact that if I get a large enough 2.35 screen it wont look much smaller than my current size at 16:9 (painted wall). Not to mention I watched 98% movies. I went through the majority of my movies and I would say it is above 75% 2.35 content, particularly my favorites. However I get concerned that the mainstream companies know that...
That is what I like to hear!!! Thanks!
I would love to set up a dual screen system but I tend to watch movies much more than anything else. A 2.35 screen seems the best option for me and I want to make sure that I get a good screen. Maybe in the future if I can I will pick up a second screen.Thanks for the suggestion though.
Thanks for the help. I have been projecting onto a wall for last few months and am about to pick up a screen. It is currently projecting on a 128" 16:9 screen and I will be moving it to a 2.35 133" screen from about 15 feet back. I have zoomed in to "minimum throw" and see that I am able to support that size screen but was curious if I would notice a loss of quality in the picture. Brightness has been fine for me as I am running low lamp and move between -8 and -15 and...
Does anyone use their 4810 at max zoom? Is there any degrading of the picture quality with the unit at full zoom?
Anyone have their 4810 at max zoom? Any concerns about PQ with max zoom?
I picked it up from Best Buy for $749.00. They will have the X4000 in a few weeks for $1299.I picked it up at Best Buy for $749. They have the X4000 set up in a few weeks fr $1299. I want to make sure I am making the correct choice given the price.
I picked up a Denon 3313 for a steal of a price as they are currently on clearance with the new X4000 coming out. I have installed and run Audyssey a few times but was curious if I am missing something great holding off for the 4000. Here is a bit about my room: 15x17 dedicated theater room. There is nothing in place currently for audio treatments but I imagine eventually I will, just not sure where to start. I am currently running a 7.2 set up with Polk RTIA7s for mains,...
Just so I understand 100%, Multi EQ xt32 includes SubEQ HT, correct?
I have had my mind set on teh Denon X4000 because of this feature. Before that I had my mind set on an Onkyo 818 but changed to the Denon because I wanted this feature. I had no idea the Onkyo had Audyssey Multi xt32 as well. Now I don't know what to do. Major difference in price right now if you can find a good deal on an 818. Looks like I'm going shopping.Thanks for pointing this out!
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