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Any reason in particular why you are selling this?
I am looking to upgrade my Pioneer 1021 and have been watching the 818 for a while. Now I see the new announcements about the 828 and 929 and my decision gets more difficult. I have always been a Pioneer guy but have heard great things about the Onkyo line. I am anxious to read what others see and feel about the 929 and determine whether it is my next purchase or if I should look elsewhere.
Bummer. No help?
Does anyone have any experience with the Screen Excellence Solid line? I am looking to eventually purchase a 138" scope screen for my JVC 4810. It is in a light controlled dedicated theater room with no windows and dark brown walls and carpet with a throw of 16 feet. I have been looking at the Carada as I hear a lot of great stuff about them but was also looking at the Screen Excellence Solid. As I will not be using A lens I want to make sure I have enough gain to get the...
I want one of these! Where did you find it?
Where have you found the emitter for $80? I have only been able to find it for $99 and with what little I watch 3D couldn't justify spending $99 on it.
I couldn't agree more. While I love my apple TV for those nights that we want to watch a movie that I don't own or don't want to go out and rent, I am always disappointed with the audio. I feel that even for television shows Apple TV is disappointing in this regard. I guess the same would go for all streaming. I know the future is in streaming and internet movies, but I sure love my hard copy collection for the audio, knowing it is the best picture quality (currently...
Have to let me know what you find. Where in the Austin area are you located? I'm in round rock.
I would love to go this route as I enjoy learning about it and the feeling of doing it myself. However the cost of equipment and materials are out if my reach as of this point in time. My wife barely gave me clearance to complete the other purchases. In addition I have far too many hobbies that are costing us a great deal. Gotta love it. I do appreciate the advice though and maybe some day I could go thus route.
That may be beneficial for the time being. I have messed with a lot of the settings to try to work out the details of the shadow. I am currently running it in low lamp with the iris at -7. Seems plenty bright to me and helps with the black level detail.
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