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I believe is ECC, I planned to get 2U. after getting the detail info from A n d y, I switch ti 4U (just~$80 more for me)
Since I have no 2U SM case, I can not do measurement.2U PSU should fit on 2U server case generally.is this too long? or wide?
my suggestion:Email or Call Tams( Andy) and tell her to email or notify you when a new 2U batch is coming.
I See tams posted uncomplete 4U supermicro on ebay for $250 ,
I have no 2U supermicro serverthat PSU is 2U PSU should fit to any 2U server case.can you try to rotate PSU placement?
I got an inspiration when saw netshelter actually, it is not a lot of work for me,sound dampen is the last list on my to do list.this is not a post open rack, very old telecom rack, luckly aluminum welded frames , not heavy), it should has all panels on side/front/back. I only got the frame/rack only.. no complain... since free.I bought put rails $38 for 2 pairs, 14U length with some nuts/bolts ($4 for rail, $2 for holding rails to frames), and some misc items from my...
hahah, :P....
my on-going project: "minimizing noise"
since no one answer, :PI assume on 4U supermicro:you just plug the connector to supermicro motherboard. done!, only one connector.
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