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Hi Experts. A newbie question. Specification: ================== 1) One laptop with VGA, HDMI and S-video output 2) Three LCD TV where the maximum distance from laptop to any laptop is 100 ft. 3) I need to show the screen of laptop to all three LCD at the same time. The composite input of TV is already used. Going through the forum, I think the best solution is VGA/HDMI over cat5. If the above is true then can someone suggest some good quality baluns, VGA/HDMI cable...
Jeff, I have Axis camera capable of HD. No, this camera is not going into laptop. I am planning to use Axis P7701 video decoder. I have read about JAP. Has anyone put JAP devices in the worship place setting to achieve video over IP? I would like to hear your experience. Thanks
I have searched the forum and read few related posts before asking this question. I have three video sources (IP camera, laptop, DVD player). At any given time only one source has to be sent to two projectors and five LCD TVs. The distance between the source and destination will be maximum 700 ft. My questions are: 1) Can I accomplish this using IP ? 2) Can I achieve HD quality over IP? Thanks
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