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I had a repair guy come out. He said that without the tv remote he couldnt do anything. At this point I think my suspicions are confirmed, I need a new tv.
So none of the inputs on the back of the TV work, but the one on the front does. Does that mean anything?
I replaced the lamp with a backup. It did not really make any difference, except that I got the front input to work. The weird thing is that even this low resolution image gets completely fuzzy at times, and then pops back to normal.
Ha!Well I married mine, and after 30000 hours I am getting a divorce.
Yes the quality of the menu display is the same as it always was. I hooked it up again, and the composite signal through one of the inputs worked fine for 10 minutes, then went to "unusable signal." I have not tried switching the output settings of the cable box. Isnt the composite output always 480i or less, is it possible to make it more? Could heat or a nearly burned out lamp be the problem? I have a backup lamp that I will switch out tomorrow. I will try to...
Hmm. Ok I got it to follow the sequence you suggested. I got the power LED to blink, waited for it to cycle off and turned it back on with the composite cable hooked up. And the video, poor quality, worked for a minute then it went back to the same message "unusable signal"
It didnt work anyway. When I followed the sequence the power LED never blinked. It went off once, came back on, and nothing else happened. The lamp did not power up, and it stayed in that mode until I unplugged it again. I hooked the component back up, turned it on, and no change. Could it be the menu button and the power button?
By "normal power up" do you mean with the inputs plugged back in?
It wont display anything anymore. HD61LPW62 I had an upscaling dvd playing connected via HDMI previously. The DVD player only upscaled, to 720 p, through HDMI. Suddenly the HDMI stopped working. It didnt work for the DVD player, it didnt work for xbox. I figured it was an HDCP handshake problem. I did the turning everything off trick. I turned things on in every possible combination. No luck. I changed HDMI cables a couple of times. No luck. This was a couple...
New Posts  All Forums: