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Never heard of this product but I'd be interested in trying it out
Oh man, would love the projector. It would be awesome to have for our first home purchase. (Man Cave?)
I've already considered it with my current speaker, but just in case I do buy a new one I may wait a little: My TV rests on the top shelf of a 3 shelf TV stand with my center on top of my DVD player on the second, what I plan on doing is building a box for my center channel to go into and my TV would go on top of the box. Just something you may want to consider so you're not limiting yourself on a center speaker.
Looks like they sell everything at full retail price
Another 363?? How does one use a tower as a center? As for the 351 or 251 I've never seen them really go on any type of super sale. I have the 351's in my Amazon cart just in case but so far no luck.
Here's my current set up: TV: Panasonic TC-P55ST30 Receiver: Onkyo TX-NR609 Front speakers: Infinity P363 Rest of speakers from HTIB Onkyo htsr800 7.1 (next project is to upgrade center channel) DVD: Oppo DV-980H BluRay/Gaming console: Playstation 3 Gaming Console: Xbox360 I just picked up a pair of Infinity P363 (too good to pass up at $99 each) to replace the fronts from my Onkyo HTSR800 system. I'd like to get some suggestions for a good center channel speaker to...
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