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Slowly gearing up solo. changed around my build and got some new gear pieces. Now up to 703,000 dps on my Wiz lol
Yeah I'm pretty much just solo farming Torment 1 Act 1 and 2 on my Wiz in adventure mode it's fun enough and unless I run into elites with horrible combos of stats like molten, arcane, plagued, and jailer (ugh) I usually don't die.
Had no idea, I stand corrected. I personally don't give a crap about PvP so I never bothered to checkYes, Mystic is unlocked closer to the end of Act V if I'm remembering right, I just spent a night plowing through it so I didn't bother to check until the end. As for adventure mode, once you have it unlocked, you can use it on any character, just checked on my level 1 Crusader
Nope, no PvP, and as far as we can tell, there won't be
Hit 70 on my Wizard the other night, just been bounty farming solo on Expert (I should probably up the difficulty) up to Paragon 10 now
Started playing again and finished off RoS on Hard last night. MaraficeEye#1820
Nope, real-world test, playing a full round of multiplayer lolAll settings maxed, no AA, 2560x1440
Peaks at 70c under load with it set on quiet mode (H100i fans running at 1200rpm)
Let me boot up BF4 for a while and see what it gets to. Granted Haswell's don't run as cool as Ivy's or Sandy's
I went with the H100i and love running my CPU at 4.3Ghz. Wanted to get 4.4 for a full 1Ghz OC, but didn't want to change the voltage so I think a 900Mhz OC on stock voltage is good, and the H100i keeps it nice and cool.
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