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Can anyone explain to me exactly the difference between "input" and "output" settings in the Advanced settings menu? For example, input/output deep color setting. Should I set input AND output to 36-bit for the PS3 or just one of them? I just do not fully understand the difference between input versus output. I tried searching but had no luck finding an understandable difference. Thanks guys!
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The "granulation" you are referring to sounds like common plasma dithering. You can almost always see this up close.
Thanks for the response! I have one question that I posted elsewhere, but I have not received a response. I am going to send you a PM as I do not want to derail this thread.Thanks again!
I have a question regarding the DVDO Edge and Blu-ray playback via the PS3. The PS3 has an option for 24p to be On/Off/Automatic. The TV also has a setting for 24p direct in = 48hz or 60hz. 48hz always has a flicker so I don't believe this is the best option. It is my understanding that the TV will automatically convert 24p to 60hz because the TV (Panasonic ST50) is unable to display 24p natively. Is this correct? Should I set the 24p setting on my PS3 to ON and let...
Hello all! I did some extensive searching to see if I could find a direct answer, but I could not. I apologize if this topic has already been discussed. Why exactly do 30FPS games judder? It was my understanding that 24fps Blu-rays judder because 24 is not an even multiple of 60 (aka 60/24= 2.5). 60FPS games will not judder because obviously 60 is an even multiple of 60. 30FPS is an even multiple of 60 so why exactly does 30FPS judder? I have never understood this. I am...
Thanks for all your input guys! I really do appreciate it. I will stick to Auto.
Thanks for the reply. So the best thing would be to leave it at Auto? I just get confused since both the PS3 and TV also have settings for RGB Full, but changing from RGB Full to Limited on the TV (after changing it on PS3 to FULL) makes no difference. It used to make a difference before the DVDO Edge. Beforehand, it didn't matter if I set the PS3 to RGB Full or Limited as long as I set the same setting on the TV. They both would look the same as long as the settings...
Ok I have a question. I have a Panasonic ST50 with a DVDO Edge and a PS3. Each of these has an option for RGB Full (0-255) or RGB Limited (16-235). It seems changing from Standard (16-235) to Nonstandard on my TV does nothing. PS3 has an RGB Full (0-255) and RGB Limited (16-235). I notice that when I choose RGB full that the picture overall looks a tad darker. I used to remember changing from Nonstandard to Standard on my ST50 made this balance out so RGB Full and RGB...
I definitely see the yellow/blue in your video. I definitely have the doubling/tripling of images, but I do not see yellow/blue smears on my set. I was playing AC3 earlier as well. I will keep an eye out though for it some more.
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