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"Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain" -OZ im surprised it wasnt on here yet.
im thinking that with the budget a better quality 5.1 would make more sense after all the recommendations. i have pieced this system together and think it may do the trick Fronts: KEF C5 floorstanding Center: KEF C6c Rear: KEF C3 AVR: Denon AVR-791 Sub: PA-150 from above recommendation i can always add surrounds later to complete the 7.1 if that is a better route to go.
im looking to do a full 7.1 setup with a receiver within that budget.
I have been looking at all the posts and threads for a while now and just decided to sign up and get serious about my research and hobby. I just bought my first house and may finally be able to realize my dream of having a cinema/gaming room. I wanted to know if it were possible to build a system for a room that is 20'x20' with a 20' Vaulted ceiling for under $1500. I have looked at the Mirage Nanostats and Definitive Procinema 600 and then add the appropriate surrounds...
New Posts  All Forums: