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Hey Everyone, I'm trying to program a remote to control the Arcam AVR400. I can get zone1 commands to work fine. I can't seem to get zone2 to work, I've tried to convert their RC5 codes to hex as well as learn the remote, both did not work. If anyone has any codes I could try that would be awesome! thanks
I had issues with a customer's signal dropping out when a light was turned on. It also would turn on when the AC would come on. He also said when the system was completely off, the tv would turn on when they turned on a light in the bathroom! Thanks to this forum I had a good idea that it was something to do with the balun. Everyone I spoke to thought it was an issue with the TV. I switched everything to component since that's what the customer had installed with his...
I agree - running extra cat5 is never a bad idea, run a piece of fish twine too for future runs. very easy to run HDMI over cat5. For the conduit IMO the bigger the better haha.why is the power being ran in that same area? I would get an electrician out to wire some boxes in the new location.
I recommend Xantech, used them alot & they seem like they're compatible with almost everything. Plus the xantect has the terminals where you can connect your cat5 you already ran.
I second that!
Maybe make one from a canvas drop cloth? easier to paint!
maybe making one out of a canvas drop cloth might be better? way easier to paint than a plastic tarp, easy to install grommets into.
I recommend the Roku too, great little devices for internet media.
TIC's are great, so are truaudio's rock speakers.
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