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Pics to come once project is complete. No idea on multiple pieces of Sintra. This is basically an extruded sheet of PVC which I guess you could join together, mounted to a subframe, or something. But the gap would have to be completely invisible as you'll see any imperfections. Personally, I would think anything bigger is better to be floated on a smooth, painted wall. I'll bet MississippiMan has some experience to share on BIG screens.
Took a short break. Something about a wife needing an office and kids needing a room painted, lights installed... yada yada. BUT, the screen has been mounted to a 1x6" subframe, no velvet edging as I'm going for the floating screen look. Like the Black Diamond Zero Edge. It's flawless so far. So, like I said, mounted to the wooden frame, bracketed into place and hung on wall. Ready for painting!! I'm about to follow the SilverFire 2.0 thread and hopefully spray...
All forum members, I've got about 120' to 150' of high end cabling for sale. Tara Labs RSC Prime 500, with gold U-style connectors already attached to all ends. I'm offering Four separate cables of similar 30-40' length, left over from a previous home owner who was feature in many Audiophile magazines. He supposedly had over $500k of A/V in his home theater (too bad he didn't leave anything else). Cabling was left behind as it was installed in the walls. Pictures...
Lol Danielo. Must certianly be the house, since my attention to detail is allllways perfect.
Wrapping up this thread, I recently moved the system to my new house and paid VERY special attention to wire everything very tightly. No loose strands, lots of breathing room for the Amp, new thick speaker wire, etc. Everythign works perfectly. Great sound and NO Protect mode. Thanks all!
Receiver pops off only above, maybe -30. Not too high at all. I'll double check the wires, but think they're good. Amp has more than 12 inches on all sides, nothing on top. Since it only turns off after going to slightly high volume, and nothing that's Loud, really at all, It SEEMS to be a power to speaker ratio of some sort. Again, I'll double check the wiring, but I'm suspicious that's not the problem.
I have a Denon 3312, which when powering my Cambridge Tower II, has been powering off via Protect Mode. I discovered the CSW T2 speakers are rated to 6 ohm, and the receiver seems to work at 8ohm. Could this be the reason why the speakers are causing the Denon to go into Protect and power off? I'm running 14 guage wiring, so I don't think that's a cause. IF this is a suspected problem in the Ohms 'mismatch', is there a way to pair these two better?
Agreed - that's an Awesome price. Thanks very much! I can do a pickup Friday afternoon, if that works Ok. ?
Ok! Sold on Sintra. Where can I buy a 5' x 10' piece? Don't suppose they carry it at the local Tap Plastics? And what color to buy - white, black, gray? Does it matter since I'm painting it anyway?
Hello Forum, So I'm sold on giving the DIY screen construction a try and see how it goes. I'd like to build my own 120" 16:9 screen, and follow MM's instructions on spraying this with SilverFire v2.5 / 5.0. BUT, I'm not sure what the best material components and contruction techniques are. I've read in a few posts about folks using 1x3 strips of wood, with a 1/4" trim over which they've stretched blackout fabric. I've read a few posts about people using a mirror and...
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