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I have it set up in a 5.0 as I do not have a sub. I will make sure party mode and zone 2 are off and see what that does.
I noticed a problem with my 710 and I was wondering what everyone thought would be the problem. I have lost sound in the back left surround speaker on all sources. I have switched speakers and they both work. I have also switched the cables so I know it isn't my cable or bananna plugs. I think it is the posts on the receiver itself. Does anyone have any sugggestions on how to find out what could be wrong?
I was showing someone a picture of my setup and they said I should move my tv because the magnets in my center speaker will mess up my tv. I have a KEF Q600c under my tv Untitled by bry1865, on Flickr If I will have any problems what are some things I could do?
It looks like after having time to recheck all of my cables and installing firmware and resetting the 103 my sound issue is fixed. What does everyone recommend for 3D debth for a 47inch LED at 9-10ft away?
If that was directed towards me, I am not sure. If it did I am no sure how it would have gotten turned on as I have not changed any settings.I have the 103 going to my AVR via HDMI1 port and then from my AVR to the TV via another HDMI. I first noticed it watching Bourne Ultimatium. I will make sure everything is still connected and try the work around you mentioned. Would this most likely be a software issue they are having that can be fixed because it makes it not worth...
I have been having a problem with the sound on oppo playing blue ray titles. I have my oppo connected to my yamaha rx-a710 then to my tv. Recently the sound and picture have been out of sync. I am not sure how to go about fixing this. Any suggestions?
I don't have them in because I am waiting for a friend who can help me and make them a lot more affordable. I do know what I want to do and if your interested feel free to shoot me a PM and I can let you know.I had the same problem when they were all at CES. If you have the speakers on a hard floor I got KEF to send me what comes with the R series that goes under the spikes.
Do you mean the red/black plugs on the back of the rear terminals on the speakers? If so then yes just take the end of your fingernail and they will pop right out. For the plugs I have something similar to these http://www.amazon.com/Sewell-Maestro-Banana-Connectors-Pairs-12/dp/B004CM4A58/ref=sr_1_22?ie=UTF8&qid=1360180782&sr=8-22&keywords=speaker+banana+plug. I found them in the look at these speaker wire thread.
I do not have the recessed lights yet but they will be 6 in the ceiling because I have no lights in the room other than a lamp. The 9's prob could use more power but I am pretty happy with them. My wallet needs to recover before I think of adding more power.
I have only had the KEF and oppo with apple tv for about a month. I do love them and they do but I wouldn't mind a sub. I was originally going to get paradigms studio 100 with a cc590 but went with the kef for over a $1000 cheaper and uprgaded to the oppo and am getting some recessed lights put in.
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