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The winds we are having right now (3-12-14 @ 8:30 p.m.) are really causing breakups on 8.1. Anyone else having problems?
After doing a rescan for the local channels a few weeks ago, I still have not noticed any changes to channel 8.1. I am now seeing a weaker signal strength for channel 12.1.
I did a rescan and did not notice any change in reception for any of the local channels.
I have noticed the signal strength for 8.1 has not returned to the 100% perfect levels I was getting before all the problems at the tower site. Did something change in the way the antenna was positioned on top of the tower or are there still some unresolved issues? All of the other stations are back to the levels I was getting before.
The Times Dispatch reports this morning channels 8, 35, and 57 are now back at full power. Channels 6 and 23 will be back to normal by the end of the week. For more click the link below. http://www.timesdispatch.com/business/local/companies/richmond-tv-stations-wric-wrlh-and-wcvw-broadcasting-at-full/article_a8d88c72-1ddd-5c6d-9b2e-f87b0a79ff07.html
I have been thinking the same thing. The last update in the times dispatch some time ago say the repair should be completed in Oct.
Great news!!
Here are some more updates to the transmission antenna problems at the Chesterfield tower. http://www.timesdispatch.com/business/local/companies/article_7ea3570a-6ec1-51b8-a674-acfabcc3a147.html
Does anyone have any updates on the antenna issues at the Chesterfield site? With the trees out, I an now starting to have problems with some of the stations.
Thanks Darrell for the updates. I must say everyone is doing a fine job in making sure the signal strength is the best possible with the temporary fixes in place. I have not really had any problems when the temporary antenna went up - 8.1 became usable again for me with no more beak ups. I have not even noticed any changes to 6.1 and 23.1 when they were moved to the temporary antenna. The worst part of the whole situation was the lack of information about what happened...
New Posts  All Forums: