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Nice! Can't wait to hear your experience!
This is what is on everyone's mind that is involved in this thread...I simply can not wait to see this technology in front of me.
Very, very nice. Great job!
For me it was this....
Totally agree. I didn't see Lincoln but ZDT was simply enthralling for me.
Please I can has? Great contest!
Well after reading through all 7 pages (to this point) here is my contribution.... "Guess it’s not a good day to be a bad guy, huh, Skank?" "I know you. I know you. I knew I knew you. I knew I knew you, but you ain’t you. You can’t be you, we put you through the window. There ain’t no comin’ back. This is the really real world, there ain’t no comin’ back. We killed you dead, there ain’t no comin’ back! There ain’t no comin’ back! There ain’t no comin’ back!"...
Quoted for truth. Only 2 movies that I have seen in 3D really made me say "That was worth the price of admission." Avatar and Up. I have yet to see Prometheus.Oh and HI!! This is my first post here.
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