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Umm You shouldn't get anything with a bulb including any projectors in that case. That's a lot of use. You might want to look into large LED's or something else.
What view mode are you using? We keep outs on (normal)
Have you ever experienced your AR100u fans from automatically going up 100% speed even while in eco-mode? I notice mine getting very warm especially during the winter when my furnace goes on, causing the projector fans to speed up and quiet down several times within an hour. I clean my filter out every 700hr's with an air compressor but i'm thinking there could be some dust buildup on the exhaust fans. I'm thinking of taking it apart to make sure they're clean. Anyone...
Thanks for doing this, my ar100u is exactly around the same bulb life as yours and its very informative! I can definitely tell its a lot dimmer then when it was new. Will you be doing this until you bulb burns out? I'm saving your stats as you go. Hopefully we get 3-4k hours on these bulbs and it will justify the $300 price!
Same here, I went through (4) 8350's from over heating, dust bolbs, auto iris errors. I did however make it to 768hrs on one of the four projectors, but got a full refund back from Epson at the end.I too went with the PT-AE8000U after the 8350. Not a single problem and up to 1000hrs so far with it.
No i'm not going to go through the trouble with tech-support and get stuck in the middle between Logitech and Panasonic playing the blame game. I'll just make sure its completely off before I leave the room. An auto-off feature would be nice. My Epson had that.
Auto-off on no connection feature? For the second time owning my Panasonic PT-ar100u my universal remote failed to completely turn off the projector. Usually I wait for the cool down cycle (yellow light) to turn off before leaving my theater room just in case its left on, however last night I saw it go into it's cool down mode and I went to bed. I woke up the following morning and saw the blue light emitting from my theater knowing my projector was on all night. Wasted a...
Maybe it's my MediaCenter PC. It's right behind us. I'll have to turn it off during a bluray movie and see if I notice.
I have about 250hrs our my PT-AR100u and it's doing an outstanding job so far, especially compared to the Epson 8400's I owned. I run it in eco mode and have noticed the fans kick on higher speeds sometimes, then slow down after a few minutes. I'm guessing its just getting hot up on the ceiling maybe from the furnace turning on during the winter season. Anyone else notice their projector fans adjusting speeds during a play? I'm guessing it's adjusting to the temp as...
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