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Thank you all for the advice. I will update the thread with my opinion on the results.
Interesting, thanks. So 2 of these would be better than a single HSU MK4? I don't want to spend money wishing for more later. Perhaps I will order one to see how it works, and if it's a quality product as everyone seems to suggest, I will order a second.
So I have been reading this thread for a few days and I am thinking of picking up one of these subs. I was looking at the HSU MK4, but as great of a sub as it is, I don't think I can swallow $800 for a sub. How will this sub perform in my setup? Will a $300 sub be enough? Current setup: Energy Veritas v6.1 L&R Energy Veritas 5.2c Energy VS Surround Older Harmon Kardon AVR500 receiver (updating to a Denon with Audyssey in the future) Room size & Actual Floor...
$319 Edit: The home page shows it on sale for $319, but when i click the item, it is still 649.
I set up a price watch notification email. I will jump on it when it comes down.
Price is back up to $649. I missed out on the deal, but from the looks of things, this sale happens often enough to justify waiting again? Amazon has it for $345 + $32 shipping. EDIT: I read back a few pages and saw this item has been on sale every weekend. I will wait for my turn.
$170 is a steal for those speakers. I paid $240 for mine when it was "on sale" earlier this year.
I went with the v6.2 after returning the v5.1's. After purchasing a nice set of $150 speaker stands, I couldn't make an argument for not just upgrading to the v6.2.
At those prices, people on the fence about purchasing better sh1t or get off the pot.
Actually, I can only move one more stud over on each side making each one only 16 more inches further from your ear, but a total of 32 inches more from speaker to speaker. (16 +16 =32). If anything, it may make the point even more moot.
New Posts  All Forums: