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Quietrock has a product called 545 THX that works great in media rooms. I can help you get a good deal on these. http://quietrock.com/documentation-n/quietrock-product-datasheets/quietrock-545-datasheet Rob
Any opinions on the LG models? They have optical inputs as well and one model has 3" "subs" in the bar itself.
My Velodyne sub does have wire speaker outs, so maybe a standard center channel or R and L would work??
So, I've already got my media room set up and now just need to get the family room tv sound up to something that's decent and doesn't hurt my ears!. I have a Panasonic ST-55 plasma that has those god awful speakers (despite the beautiful picture). I have Directv service and I plugged in my Velodyne 10" sub from the RCA out of the DVR and got the low end sounding good, but just need a sound bar for mid's and highs. I want to keep this set up very simplistic (w/o Receiver...
Got the quote from an independent installer that wired my room. He's done wiring for me previously and if very reasonable and great work. If your in Dallas area I can give you his info
It does include shipping, thanks for the response! $200 to assemble and mount screen along with projector also.
Just got a quote for a Dragonfly 120" at $680 plus tax. Good buy? I'm a little leary of buying a "less expensive" screen after sinking so much money on the rest of my setup. Just bought Epson 8350 to go with it. Local stereo/video store quotes me $1100 + $300 for install on a matte screen (not sure of brand - but they carry high end equip) Thanks for any input/advise! Rob
I'm on the Buy it Now page for the Rhythmik! Any last opinions for the SVS??? Product Quantity Price Amount FV15HP black oak grain finish with black cone driver and H600PEQ3 amplifier and multi-tune 1,274.00 1,274.00 All prices are in US Dollars Subtotal 1,274.00 Shipping 0.00 Tax 0.00 TOTAL 1,274.00
Yeah, since price is close I've read their close in performance. Maybe not??
I'm putting together a media room that is about to be drywalled and is approx 18'x20' with 8' ceilings. I currently have a PSB T6's for L & R, PSB Imagine center speaker, and 2 PSB B5 for surrounds (may add 2 more B5's for 7.1). I've read a lot about these 2 along with the HSU 15" (forget model#) and narrowed it down to these 2. I currently have a lower end Velodyne 10" that sounds ok, but really wanted to go up to a 15" to get that super low bass that you feel and...
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