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Hi, As the title implies, I have an AVR-3312ci. I have set up Zone 2 as the kid's downstairs playroom. What i lack is an easy control for the stereo downstairs that the wife / nanny can use. For instance, a way to turn on the system and start up pandora from downstairs. one possibility could be the denon iphone remote app, and perhaps mounting an ipad touch. But i've been very disappointed the app. If I try to turn on just zone 2, start net/usb, start pandora and select...
I searched for it in my manual, and I think mine had it too. never went into that menu because i thought it was only in the case you werent going to use DHCP. thanks!!
This may be a silly question, but I have a "zone 2" in a playroom, and I would like to be able to turn on the denon from down there. Once its on, i can control it via ipad, etc. but first you need to walk up stairs and actually push the power button on the unit or remote... there must be something easier. thanks!
New Posts  All Forums: