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In my scenario sound travels thru them greatly to upstairs. Ruxal makes a very good sound deadening insulation. It's grey. I'm looking at goin that route.
This exactly what my ceiling looks like. But I used a dark grey. I actually like the look that's why I did it.
Can u pass on info about the power strip?
Key here is VERY EASILY
Wall looks great now.! I doubt they will ever bother you. At least not enough to go thru patch and paint. Lol
Paint'em. I have a Michigan football themed room. I have a blue wall and a yellow wall. I painted the plates and they blend right in. A little advice. If you can use blank wall plates do so. Second lightly sand or scuff them. Otherwise the paint will just peal off in one piece. Guess me how I know?
Congrats Enders! I got my eye on that garage. That is so sweet
It looks great. Love the laser. What are all the receptacles under the screen? Ur components are all in the wall rack, correct?
On second thot I think I'd rather get a bigger amp for the subs. Sorry for all the confusion.
Find a box and quote me a price. I'd like to have it. Seriously !
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