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HUH???? I found the DTV channel my wife wanted to record, so I set my DVDR to record it every night. We finally got around to watching them tonight. Not a single recording was the show I was trying to record! Each recording had recorded a different network's show (including a completely blank recording). I am 100% positive that the same DTV channel was set to record. Can my cablecom (Charter) periodically change the network a DTV channel carries? Or, once again, am I...
I never knew anything about these digital "channels". No, I hadn't done the Auto Channel Preset > Cable (Analog/Digital), just the Cable (analog) preset. I am totally amazed! I just recorded a show off my cable channel 423, which was mapped to DTV 120.7. It's like having a new DVD recorder with all the features I wanted. The material you pointed me to was outstandingly well done! Thank you so very much wajo!!! AVS ROCKS!!!
I have a Philips DVDR3575H/37 DVD recorder that is connected straight to my cable's RF cable (via a splitter without going through the cable box). When I set a new program recording, I can not select a channel higher than ~105. I really do not want to go through the cable box since the cable box has to be set on the desired channel and left on during the recording time. YUCK! Am I missing something in the settings to allow higher channel numbers. If the Philips...
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