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Understandable. but I dont see any threads already comparing these 2 models.I still don't agree with this. My calibrator barely make a difference compared to my calibration disc. $250 of my money gone.
Did Disney WOW make a big improvement vs OOTB settings for you?
Thank you very much sir that is very helpful. Seems I should be leaning towards the Panasonic with what you listed. thanks! Edit: did you use a calibration disc or pro calibration?
1) Sorry I have a life and dont feel like reading 5000 posts to gets the pros and cons.2) I will get a calibration disc for the best PQ
You were looking at out of the box settings. You didn't use a calibration disc. So yes, you are simply wrong.
I am sorry but you are simply wrong. If that was true you wouldn't need equipment to see what is wrong with the image. Pure and simple.OP, buy a disc and use that $500 for an audio set up instead.
I havent followed up onthis years models, can someone give me a brief overview? I am eyeing these 2 models I care about PQ only. What are each's pros and cons? Thanks
Yes get a disc. Spears and Munsil and Disney WOW are great ones. Do not call a pro calibrator and waste your money. A disc will get you the same results except $500 cheaper.Enjoy your st50, its a great set.
I am not telling people they can't spend $500 for one. I am just trying to warn people who are thinking about it and could get duped into paying all that money for something that is irrelevant. $20 will get you 95% there. I don't want to see anyone get fooled into the BS
Don't blame you. People THINK they see a difference because they would feel ripped off if they didn't. They fool themselves into seeing a difference, its a form of denial.If calibration really made a difference, meters would be unncessary, If you need freaking equipment to spot accuracy errors, its a big load of crap.
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