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I have the opportunity to get the x35 for a great price but am a bit worried about the limited space in my living room. I would have to place the projector around 5-10 cm from the back wall with max zoom too fill a 91" 2.35:1 screen. Can heat be a problem when it's so close too the wall? Im also thinking about the loss of contrast with max zoom. Can it take away the meaning with getting a jvc for its dark blacks and high contrast, or would the loss of contrast be equally...
Thanks both kev and snyderkv for answering my questions. the comments about the screen being dim in 3d does worry me. My initial thought was too pair it with a hw50es but maybe i should just go with a white screen and focus more on darkening my living room. A white screen would also allow me too look at the vw95es or perhaps a jvc. I have some thinking too do! ^^
Hi Kev! Im thinking about getting this screen and have a couple of questions I hope you would answer. When i saw the 0.8 material in store I loved it, no sparkles as you said and it really was the best high contrast screen out there for me. There was one thing that did bother me a bit tho, and it was that the white areas never felt really white but more like light grey. Is this something you have noticed with your epson? the projector i saw was shooting ~1000 lumens at the...
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