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This is correct.
+3, even when running the slides.I didn't run them in vivid mode, however. What is recommended on here is to run muted settings for break in.
I have not looked at Smart Share capability on the unit so I can not speak to that aspect.I have no complaints about the function or picture from the player itself, though. The whole "smart tv" thing is greatly overrated from what I have seen for anything other than streaming movies from internet sources.
That is the same player that I have on my 50PA6500. I'm not sure what you mean by "share" but the smart tv feature function is the same whether it is built into the blu-ray player or the television.
My set makes no audible noise when TOSLINK'ed to my sound bar after the screensaver comes on.BTW... you don't need the blu-ray toslink'ed to the HK and the LG. If you are running the HK on Video 4, the toslink from the blu-ray is doing nothing. It is getting the pass thru audio from the LG.
What is your blu-ray player hooked to and with what connections?
The smart tv feature is a waste of money unless you do a lot of movie streaming. Other than that, it's worthless. I'm glad that I bought a wi-fi blu ray player for barely more than a regular player and saved myself a wad of money on a featured tv.
I would run it all of the time, personally. It will help lessen IR problems from the static images.I used the Disney WOW disc to calibrate my picture but it is crushing the blacks now. I need to go back and do some more playing with it.
LG doesn't have ARC on these models. They have their proprietary Simplink system that doesn't support audio. You will have to use the TOSLINK optical connection for audio out.
Up until last night, I had component audio from my cable box to the television and then from the television via TOSLINK to my sound bar. The cable channels only played in stereo but I did get analog pass thru via TOSLINK. I can only assume that the analog/digital conversion was made in the television.
New Posts  All Forums: