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Curious though, how you go the app installed on your Galaxy Note 2 phone? Simply from the play store? Both the standard and tab versions of the app are listed as incompatible with my phone (SCH-I605).
I know this was posted way back, but curiuos, where did you get the SmartView App for the Note 2? The app is listed as incompatible for me. Does someone have the latest APK?
Garnoch also mentioned that if you turn Dynamic Contrast on Low and/or Black Tone on Dark while Brightness is set to 46, it will re-enable the LED auto shutoff when the screen is all black. By increasing brightness to 47, it will again disable this even with Dynamic Contrast and/or Black Tone enabled.
Some additional info regarding this posted over in the es8000 thread:
Like Elmo45 mentioned, it's around 40ms with game mode enabled. If you are using standard mode or one of the other display settings, this can jump up pretty dramatically. No complaints myself with motion or input lag so long game mode is enabled while playing COD.
You might want to check a few things:1. Game Mode enabled? Menu -> Settings -> General -> Game Mode -> Yes2. XBOX Display Settings: 1080p, expanded reference levels, etc.3. Your HDMI cable: length, high speed vs standard cable, gauge, etc. will all matter. I highly recommend cables with RedMere.
ISF calibration depends on the calibrator, but they can go into the service menu and enable two additional modes (cal-day and cal-night), which can be copied to any of the other presets. You will still have your original modes available (standard, movie, natural, etc.) and can tweak these independently, so you should not lose those settings.
Micro dimming is enabled by default with Standard mode, and disabled for Movie mode. Nitra's standard settings in the ES8000 forum are a good starting point:
I've never purchased a high priced item like this through Newegg, but any returns I have made have been nothing short of seamless. The downside is they require a restocking fee for this item, although they do cover the cost of return shipping. If you have a local Costco, it may be a more convenient way to go. I'll second Amazon being a great option.All that being said, if you did have any issues with the TV, Samsung's warranty department has been top notch in my experience.
Nice! I was looking for this. Forgot to bookmark it then forgot who made it. Pretty sweet little speaker box with the integrated tube amp.
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