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Thanks for the tip, though I am wary of used electronics. Had some bad experiences in the past, so I am a bit paranoid about that.
Excellent, thanks for the advice. That will be the first thing I check.Looking at the Amazon price history for it, it was around $90 for a bit then jumped to $150 about 2 weeks ago (curse my luck!). I've put it on my price drop notification
2 questions:1) I'm considering this remote, so is there a way to verify right out of the box which firmware it has, so I can either keep it or return it/upgrade it immediately?2) Where the heck you find it for $65? The cheapest I see is $150 on Amazon (though I did see that it was $90 there recently).Thanks.
The first time I tried to access the net radio stations, I was playing around with the Web Interface. I clicked on somehting there which took me to a Yamaha site which asked for my receivers MAC address. After inputing it, I saw the list of stations on my PC.I don't know if the stations were available or not before this, but thought you could give it a try and see if it helps.
Hi, and thanks for the response. Sorry for my late reply, I was out of town over the weekend. To program individual buttons, i used the procedure in the manual, which was: 1) While holding down the mode button (TV, DVD, etc), push power for 3 seconds. 2) On, the Onkyo, push the button you want to learn a command 3) aim the 2 remotes at each other, and on the other remote, puch the button you want the Onkyo remote to learn That's it. It was quite easy to set it up to...
Hi everyone, My Onkyo TX-NR807 recently died and I got a Yamaha RX-V673. I was wondering, since the Onkyo remote has button by button programming, if I could program the "Receiver" functions of the Onkyo Remote to work with the Yamaha receiver. I have my TV, cable box, popcorn hour and xbox fully programmed into the Onkyo remote, and I don't think the Yamaha remote allows this much control over other devices (unless someone knows otherwise). I'd hate to start using...
Hi everyone, new guy here. Just had a quick question for those who already own this receiver. I'm upgrading from a dead Onkyo TX NR-807 (curse you Onkyo!) and just wanted to see if I could program other devices to be fully controlled by this remote (like I did with the Onkyo)? The one thing I'll give the Onkyo credit for is having a great remote. I had my TV, cable box, popcorn hour and even xbox programmed to be controlled by the Onkyo remote. Can I do that with this...
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