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which was better xxf8000 vs Sharp xxuq !!!please help.. I'm about to buy one .. but confused since xxf8000 was one the best 1080p set on 2013I dont care about 4k- if it doesn't do much to 1080p content vs xxf8000Most for movies and PC gamingTHANKS
120" is 4 times bigger then 60" screenwhich bring us over 1500 zones on 120" screen And thats no way
This link...http://www.flatpanelshd.com/news.php?subaction=showfull&id=1394447551
I always enjoy reading your posts with thoughts and knowledge shining the forum We don't know what the future holds for us and come up and changes the way we think ..Lets wait and see.....THANKS
Thanks alot fafrd .. i was referring to the 3D printing tech adapting manufacturing panels ( am not expert my self )http://www.forbes.com/sites/michaelkanellos/2014/01/03/is-oled-dead-heres-why-the-answer-is-no/
I wont be surprised if the OLED will cost less then what we have of top line LCD now ( In 5 years ) LCD will vanish With the future running fast the tech getting easier and cheaper to invest ...
The OLED will take off in less then 5 years .. and that doesn't put LCD on the dust with FALD ( top line ) with some other feature and enhancements that close to recent OLED PQuntil they dig and craft the OLED tech properly and comes the real deal .. we will see how good it can pull out vs old school !!And that not happening now ( not before 3-6 years ) but its already starting .The rest i totally agree .... we wont go wrong with R series ( not over priced i hope ) Iam...
In 2 to 4 years you will need 4k set ..There still some room for 1080p .. not forgetting the death of 720p panels !!by 2020 8k is awaiting and starts seeing the light by 2016/2017 ( already showing off CES )The life is even running faster then we think to catch up !!for future proof buy 4k ( if you are not willing to buy another set for 5 years let say )( IMHO )
Here we go....Kateeva introduce Yieldjet to print cost effective flexible-large OLED-Tv Displays
Thats a brilliant thought and its not that far to see it happening next year Japan's NHK to begin 8K broadcasting in 2016
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