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I have the NAD T775 HD connected to my Oppo BDP 95 (not 105). All my connections are to the 7.1 analogue outs from Oppo to analogue ins on Nad (only a 5.1 system so I also have downmix set to 5.1 in the Oppo). Sound is fantastic, so something is screwy with your setup, believe me - it is not the 105 as such. A year ago I had called in a speaker techie to examine my 25+ yr old FL/FR speakers because they sounded exactly as you described - I was playing all my music in...
Thanks, Viritrilbia. Which version of Android OS is that running - 4.2.2, Jellybean, ...???? Anyone out there using the app with any of the Samsung Tab or Note models???
I am surprised that in all this discussion nobody mentioned the the convenience of batch processing when using dbPowerAmp to convert flac files to some other format for transfer to non-flac compatible hardware (eg car sound systems). After using dbPoweramp to convert all my cds to Flac for playing on my Oppo to my main sound system, I then used DB poweramp's ability to batch process to do conversions of multiple flac albums to MP3. However I am now also investigating...
I gather the android media control app does not work reliably on all android devices. I am seriously considering purchasing either the Samsung Tab 3 (10 inch 2014 model), the Samsung Note 10.1 or Note Pro 12.2, or (if it ever sees the light of day!!) the Google Nexus 10 (2014). Has anybody had any experience running the Oppo 95 media control app on any of these tablets (or, in the case of the Google Nexus 10, original 2013 model).
You would do better posting on the Oppo BDP 105 owner's thread:http://www.avsforum.com/t/1439524/official-oppo-bdp-105-owners-thread/7680
If I am being obvious, then apologies, but have you tried clicking on "Search this thread" (as opposed to searching the forum) and typing in "mac mini server". This produced a number of results (which I admittedly did not look at) that may help.
What did you use to rip your cds?DBPoweramp usually names the ripped tracks 01 Title, 02 Title, etc, ensuring the track are played in the order they appeared on the cd (note: numbering 1, 2, will not work, must be 01 title, 02 title, etc). I don't know about other rippers.The 95 will not recognise playlist files. The only playlist it will use is whatever you create in any particular session, and cannot be saved. This has been discussed in this thread before - use the...
Have you managed to determine whether it is always the same tracks, or whether it is only on bought (downloaded) tracks as opposed to tracks you have created yourself by ripping your own CD's, DVD's etc? There were reports of problems with some of the files bought from HD Tracks, and there was some speculation as to whether this was the fault of HD Tracks, or of the files provided to them by the original labels (some residue copy protection data or whatever).
Just upgraded my firmware to the new bdp 95AU upgrade. Had no probs without doing a factory reset, but went through the pain anyway, and reset all my personal settings. Was a pain redoing the user name and password for Pandora - would the 95 recognise a wireless keyboard?? VUDU and NETFLIX etc all up there for the first time, but of course none are streaming to Down Under. Pandora's an improvement, anyway - my avr seems to suggest the broadcast quality is CD (showed...
Does this throw a spanner in the marketing works for 4k/OLED? (Not just for what is said, but who, reportedly, has said it!) http://channelnews.com.au/display/IXUBVTGQ.aspx (I take no responsibility, and will not be an apologist, for the poor proof-reading of the articles on this site!!!)
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