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Looking good so far! I really like the soffit and am a big fan of flatscreen/projector set ups. I look forward to the rest of your build.
I hadn't planned on getting this because of the negative reviews given on it's theatrical release, but seeing that the audio and video are very highly rated, I may have to change my mind. Thanks for the review.
I'm not sure where to ask this question, so I thought I'd come to a thread that handles off-topic discussion on a regular basis! I don't know much about power centers, but Monoprice is having a sale on one today. I'm not looking to get the best product, but I would like to know if this is a good value: http://www.monoprice.com/Product?c_id=109&cp_id=10909&cs_id=1090901&p_id=9290&seq=1&format=2 Is it worth $80? Should I wait until a different product goes on sale? Any...
Newegg has Monitors on sale up to 60% off today.
100% true. I blame everyone in this thread. I've considered a second job at times!
I picked up some Monitor 60s and a CS1 to replace my old front soundstage. Monitor 40s are on the Xmas list. Does anyone have an AVR or processor and amp recommendations? I currently have an Onkyo TX-NR515. I'm running a 7.2 with 2 PSW505s. I'm about 90% movies/tv and 10% gaming. Assume a budget of $1500, which may disqualify discrete processors and amps. Thanks for your advice.
Picked up two for myself! I needed to replace my center channel as well, so I went with a CS1. I did the CS1 vs. CS2 battle for four hours. Now that I've already purchased, what are your thoughts on the two?
No. I think many HT enthusiasts would be willing to wait for the best format. I, for one, would.If I'm looking for a TV show to watch during a week night, I'll stream it. If I'm having friends over to watch the latest Bond release, I'm buying the Blu Ray.
You usually pay a monthly subscription fee to stream a large library as often as you would like OR you can purchase it once, store it in the cloud stream it from there as often as you would like. So, you would actually save money, but lose the quality, which is the crux of this entire thread.
I should re-name this thread. I named it after the article. The discussion has centered mostly around the end of physical media and the transition to a streaming-centric market for media. Physical media won't completely disappear, but it will be a niche market. The average consumer doesn't care for quality, they put a premium on convenience. That's the argument of this thread.
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