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I just purchased the last few speakers for my entry level set up. I've got the two sub placement down, but I'm struggling with what to do with the additional surrounds. After doing some reading and researching various 7.1+ configurations, I came across this tidbit from Mark Fleischmann:Front width surrounds are an impossibility in my current apartment - no room on either side that is practical. So, that leaves it to front height or rear surround. Since I rent, hiding wire...
Bancorn, this thread is incredible. I really enjoyed watching your HT progress from a dorm room setup to a dedicated room. Well done and congrats on your setup. I hope to have one like that some day!
PSW505 is on Newegg for $200 today. $50 less than their normal price.
Thanks, jdsmoothie.
Does anyone know how the 515 handles two subs during Audyessey configuration?
Picked up this panel with Panasonic's Employee Pricing Program through my employer and absolutely love it. I have one question. I notice that while streaming Netflix titles (via VIERA on the panel) that should have 5.1 (according to tvandmoviesnow.com and in this case, Captain America), it's converting to PCM. I'm using an Onkyo TX-NR515. The settings are correct and should allow for 5.1. I have the AVR connected through HDMI2 (ARC) as well as an optical cable. I thought...
I'm really amped about this announcement.
Sounds great. Thanks for your help!
My budget would be between $300 and $500.
I realize asking this question in a forum dedicated to "Subwoofers, Bass, and Transducers" may garner responses such as "there's no such thing," but hear me out. I live in a loft, floor plans are here:...
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