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Is a SVS PB13 ultra a "capable" sub?
After running Audessy, it set my center to small and my RF-7's to large automatically. I am pleased with the way it sounds now but I am coming from a Klipsch VF-36 system.
When running the Klipsch RC-64II as a center channel, should I still leave the center speaker setting at small when running Audessy? I have always had my center channels set to small but the RC64 is a beast.
Thanks for the advice, my room is 22X18 with a 10 foot ceiling that slopes up to 19 feet. The main listening area is on the back wall so the rear speakers are on the wall 12 inches from my head. Also when I add the side surrounds, the left side surround will be 2-3 feet higher in elevation than the right side surround speaker. Will this affect the listening experience much? All my others speakers are equal ratios.
I am currently running RS-62 II surround speakers with a pair of RF-7 II & a RC-64 II as my front speakers in my 5.2 setup. I want to run a 7.2 set up now. What Klipsch speakers would serve best as my side speakers with the package I have? A. Another pair of RS-62 II surround speakers or B. RB-81 Bookshelf speakers Thanks for any advice.
Well, I am not a first time buyer and I have no audible hiss in my speakers using my Emotiva amp. Not in the RC-64 or RF-7's. I would not listen to the few people out of thousands that have problems using Emotiva amps and decided to post on the internet.
If I set my 4311 to preamp mode and use a external amp for all 5 of my speakers, does it benefit the Denon 4311 in any way by not using the built in amps? The pre outs on the back work when in preamp mode or regular amp mode.
Call Emotiva, I doubt they will recommend a xpa 5 for your speakers, unless it's a super slow month for them in sales. Ask for Vincent.
I have a Denon 4311 and a Onkyo 818. The Denon works and sounds much better to me. I am selling my 818 to who ever will buy it!! Onkyo tries to duplicate what Denon does but I prefer the Denon.
hooked up to Emotiva XPA5, I think the hiss is related to these speakers. Do a search of the members that have the hiss with or with out external amplifiers when using these speakers. Even Emotiva CSR states it is possible on such sensitive/effiecient speakers such as Klipsch.
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