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Theaters can't reproduce sound below about 30 hz so they have the subs high passed there anyway. There is no way to know if low frequencies where in the original master or not.
The downside of an IB is similar that that of a tattoo...it's sort of permanent. So you have to get placement right the first time.As far as distributed subs are concerned, you get the greatest result from the first 2 as long as you place them at the absolute farthest points that the room will allow. After that, returns diminish greatly.So if you have a floor to ceiling IB in a rectangular room you could put one IB in the Front Right corner and the other in the Back Left...
I hope your attic isn't sealed. More like a giant leaky box.
It's complicated. I'm not going to tell you not to go with the ULX. More is never enough and all. I'm just trying to make you aware that in a real room things work differently than in WinISD. So if you are going sealed you can use (Bossobass's?) .01 liter / cu ft of room volume to reach reference rule.
It's 6 db outside or in a very large space. WinISD's 1m prediction is in 1/2 space, which is not indicative of a residential room. Loss of SPL with distance is going to be more like 3db per doubling and there will be some gain below the lowest mode as well.
No...but it's much smaller making it FedEx-able. It's equivalent to an SI 15 with a 500w bash, where the marty & nuke is an 18 with 1000w. This xv30f is in the ballpark of an SI18 D4 Marty & an NU3k, but will require shipping with a freight company.The PSA's being smaller boxes than what we would likely build necessitates an undersized port to get the low tune which in turn limits the amount of power they can take before port noise is an issue, hence the small amp for a...
IMO this is where they start getting worth a s#it:PSA XV15
Yes, I was referring to the HO for >80hz response. I would love to see Josh test some of these cheaper options, but I understand that these test are done in his free time and whatnot.
Yes, and due to the nature of movie content's high crest factor, setting PE to the RMS power handling of the driver in WinISD will paint a misleading picture of how much power this takes. You have to take into account that you will not burn out a 350w driver with 350w while watching a movie. Having double that would be a good aproximate goal and this usually results in a mechanical limit being reached before the thermal limit.
40-60hz is only going to matter if you are able to exceed the limit of the 18 in power but not the limit of the 12's. That takes over 1000w, at which point you gain a db or 2 depending on how much more than 1000w you have. If you are power limited, then eq and, to a greater extent, the effects of the room dominate the response in this region.Also, mid-bass & "chest thump" is no less than 80 to about 160 hz. Coincidentally, that octave is where modeling is generally...
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